Inspector Lewis, Season 5: Generation of Vipers

First of all, Toby Stephens is in this episode. Why am I mentioning this? Because I love Toby Stephens. *sigh* Toby Stephens...

Alright, back to the plot. A pretty, female professor dies, and it looks like suicide. Was it because she was lonely? Was it because a video of her on a dating site went viral and caused her to be embarrassed and harassed? Lewis doesn't think so. He believes she was murdered. But is it just that he's taking it too personally and wants to point the finger at someone? Nah. She was murdered.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who might have done it. The journalist whom she rejected? The old classmate who was also her rival? No! Toby Stephens plays him, and I refuse to believe he's a bad guy! Ahem. The pretty blonde boy whose dreams of going to university in America were shattered because of a crappy reference? Well, it could be anyone.

This was a depressing episode, I'll just say that. It also wasn't surprising. You expect that this person and that person will be murdered, and I wasn't at all shocked by who the killer was. In the end it was just sad.

They also introduced a new detective, whose name I forget. He might also be a rival for Hobson's lurv, although I rather doubt it. I like her, don't you? And if she and Lewis are going to get together, they need to just do it. Or at least move that story line along instead of hinting at it every so often.

My grade: B