Inspector Lewis Series 5: The Soul of Genius

Yay, more Inspector Lewis! We have four new episodes, and here is the first.

The body of a man obsessed with solving a riddle in a Lewis Carroll story is discovered buried in the woods, and his death is linked with the botanical gardens nearby. Who done it? His brother who is also his rival? The woman obsessed with finding out how her son died years ago? The doctor? One of the women at the botanical gardens?

This was a decent episode, but I rarely have any major issues with this series. They're pretty consistent, I would say. The only thing I would point out is that they, predictably, tried to set up Hathaway again with a new female character who probably won't be in the next episode. They never are. I wish they didn't feel the need to insert romance into almost every episode, as it's unnecessary and annoying. If they're going to get Hathaway a girlfriend, then fine, just get someone whom he has chemistry with and be done with it. Just let us get on with the murders!

My grade: B+