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The Dark Knight Rises

Oh my god, it's the end of Batman! I admit, I like Batman more than other superheroes, so I wanted this to be good, or even better than good. It turned out to be...good. Perhaps my expectations were heightened after being told that this is "the best in the series" and it has "the most epic, badass ending of any movie series ever". Hmm. Yeah, it isn't, and no it doesn't. Of course it's all a matter of opinion, anyway. I think all three movies are pretty darn good, but "The Dark Knight" is still my favorite. I do need to re-watch the first two, though.

Overall, this is good. The casting is spot-on. I had my doubts about Anne Hathaway, but she turned out to be well cast. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is always good, and he's no different here. Tom Hardy was good, but I wasn't that happy with the character. Not only was he a bit weak as the villain in the end, but I thought his voice was a bit...goofy. I had trouble taking him seriously becaus…

Inspector Lewis, Season 5: The Indelible Stain

A guest lecturer is strangled after being heckled by an anti-racist group, and once again, everyone is a suspect. I'm waiting for Hathaway to commit murder, I really am. Imagine how awesome that episode could be. It might take this show in a whole new direction! Instead of Hathaway always being lonely and flirting with the next female character of the week, he can be a killer hiding his dark secret while being lonely and flirting with the next female character of the week. Yes!

The main gripe I have, as usual, is predictability. From the whole student-screwing-her-professor storyline to the big reveal of who the killer is, none of it shocks. I even guessed who the murderer was fairly early on. Let's be honest; it's never the main suspect. It's always the person they never thought did it in the first place.

My grade: B-

Quick Movie Review: The Campaign

Wow, this movie was funny. I mean I was actually laughing throughout the whole thing, which is...amazing. I don't think it's to everyone's taste, given the raunchy humor and such, but it worked for me. Great casting, too. Will Ferrell is good. He's how you come to expect him to be. But even though he was good, I have to say, Zach Galifiwhateverhisnameis was even better. I might even say he stole the movie. He and Will Ferrell make a good team.

My grade: B+

Ho Hey by The Lumineers