The Dark Knight Rises

Oh my god, it's the end of Batman! I admit, I like Batman more than other superheroes, so I wanted this to be good, or even better than good. It turned out to be...good. Perhaps my expectations were heightened after being told that this is "the best in the series" and it has "the most epic, badass ending of any movie series ever". Hmm. Yeah, it isn't, and no it doesn't. Of course it's all a matter of opinion, anyway. I think all three movies are pretty darn good, but "The Dark Knight" is still my favorite. I do need to re-watch the first two, though.

Overall, this is good. The casting is spot-on. I had my doubts about Anne Hathaway, but she turned out to be well cast. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is always good, and he's no different here. Tom Hardy was good, but I wasn't that happy with the character. Not only was he a bit weak as the villain in the end, but I thought his voice was a bit...goofy. I had trouble taking him seriously because of that. There's also a twist later on that I wasn't happy with. It's hard writing this review simply because I can't give anything away!

Now the ending...I didn't hate it, and I don't want to diss it too much because there was one aspect of it that I liked a lot. But then the rest of it falls into cheesiness and predictability, and I thought, "Haven't we seen this in a million other movies before?" I wished they had gone for a more original route. It was too contrived, too expected, and not that epic. But maybe that's just me being picky.

My grade: B