Movie Review: Butter

For some reason I wanted to see this. Maybe because the idea of butter carving appeals to me, even though it's something I'm certain I would have no talent in. Also, Jennifer Garner is in it.

I'm not going to say this was a big disappointment, because my expectations were never that high. It never seemed like a movie that would be great, but as long as it's not painfully dull or disgusting, then I can't complain too much.

Anyhoo, basic plot: Laura Pickler decides to compete in a butter carving contest after her butter carving champion husband, Bob Pickler, is told he can no longer compete. Laura is furious about this since butter is apparently all she has, and butter has made her what she is today. Hmm. Funnily enough, she has the talent to pull it off...except that an even more talented competitor arrives in the form of a ten year-old girl named Destiny. She must not be allowed to win!

It's not particularly funny or original, aside from the butter carving. It falls back on cliches and runs predictably, but it's not bad. If nothing else, watch it for the cool butter carvings and the great cast, which include (aside from Jennifer Garner), Rob Corddry (don't recognize the name, but the actor is familiar and one of the highlights of this film), Alicia Silverstone, who is...Alicia Silvertone-y. Yara Shahidi plays Destiny, and she's adorable! Olivia Wilde plays Brooke, a stripper/prostitute with a foul mouth and a hot bod. Olivia Wilde is gorgeous, isn't she? Ashley Greene plays Laura's step-daughter, but she really isn't used for much in the movie aside from hating on her family (I can't blame her) and getting her lesbian on with Brooke (that story could have gone further). Hugh Jackman has a small role as Laura's high school sweetheart.

My grade: B-