Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Well, this was boring. Not just boring, but incredibly dull. I mean why is it so dull?

There are a lot of problems with Snow White and the Huntsman. I was tempted to make a pros and cons list, but then I realized it would really just be a cons list. Oh, what the heck. Here it is:

(1) Good cinematography
(2) Charlize Theron is gorgeous
(3) Somewhat good costumes (Well, Ravenna's were quite pretty, weren't they?)

(1) It is so, so boring. Not in the least bit captivating.
(2) Kristen Stewart
(3) Overacting on Charlize Theron's part
(4) No chemistry amongst the actors
(5) The dwarves seemed to be there simply because they had to be
(6) Bad script
(7) Borrowed too much from movies that are far better
(8) Lacks feeling
(9) You shouldn't prefer Ravenna to Snow White...
(10) Bad dialogue
(11) Cheesy
(12) Takes itself too seriously

I like Charlize Theron, and I think she was one of the only decent things about this movie, but she did overact. Some might say that this role called for overacting, but I disagree. Maybe if it served the movie well, but it didn't, it simply looked and sounded ridiculous. I tend to think Chris Hemsworth is a fairly decent actor, too, but he was forgettable in his half-baked role. Kristen Stewart shouldn't have even been cast in this, but as it is, she had hardly anything to say throughout the whole movie, which is surprising considering she's the main character. Why did they give their lead so little dialogue? To be honest, even if they had cast someone better, it wouldn't have fixed the film. It would still suck.

I got the impression that they were attempting to create a love triangle between Snow White, the Huntsman, and William, Snow's childhood friend (and a Prince). Fail. There was zero chemistry of any kind between any of the actors, and definitely no spark to be had. But there wasn't a ton of effort into promoting the romance aspect, anyway, so it all felt a bit lazy.

One of the things I dislike most are movies that take themselves too seriously, which this did. There were moments when we were supposed to be in awe of Snow White, as the characters were (all of them), and think she was just the most beautiful, wonderful person we've ever beheld. Oooh, look, she's petting a stag! Amazing! She's THE ONE. Oooh, look, she's not dead after all, let's stare at her in wonder and attempt to find an ounce of enthusiasm while she gives us her battle speech.


And as I said, the dwarves didn't serve much of a purpose. Sure, they fought a little, but they didn't feel like a crucial part of the story. In fact, they could be a bit creepy at times, and not very nice. Such a waste of perfectly good actors!

My grade: C