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Movie Review: Side Effects

Interesting movie about a woman (Rooney Mara) who commits an act of violence after taking a new drug for her depression. Everyone blames it on the drug, since she never had a history of violence before popping dem pills. Jude Law plays her psychiatrist, who sees his career start to go down the toilet, because he was the one who prescribed those pills from hell.

You know, I was quite keen to see this, and I'd heard there was a "huge twist", so of course I was prepared to be blown away. And...yeah, didn't happen. It's a very low-impact "twist", and I'm wary of even calling it a twist, since I wasn't surprised.

I really liked Jude Law in this. He's one of those actors whom I don't care for as a person, but I love watching them act. I'm not crazy about Mara, though. I'm never really sure if she's a good actress or not, and I tend to find her unappealing and unlikable in whatever I see her in (which hasn't been much, admitted…

Sweet Dreams Are Made of...Chuck Norris?

How often do you remember your dreams? And how vivid are they? Maybe you never remember them at all. Lately, however, mine have been quite...interesting. There were several nights in a row in which I woke up after having very vivid dreams; the sort that stay with you all day. They weren't all bad dreams, but they all left me feeling a little disturbed. I guess that's what happens when you feel like you were actually in the dream to some degree, rather than simply watching it.

I don't mind this, though. Dreams can be terribly entertaining, don't you think? Take, for instance, two dreams I had last week (although I had several good dreams). In the one, I was set to marry a serial killer. And, by all accounts, I had the makings of a serial killer myself (which is why he didn't kill me), but I was like, Nah, I don't feel like killing people. And then I decided that I didn't want to marry my serial killer boyfriend (to be fair, he was rather old. Who am I, Loli…