One of My Favorite Movies of the Year: The Conjuring

You know how much I adore a good scary movie, right? Well this blew me away. I loved it so much, and I'm still thinking about it months later. I'm slightly worried about watching it for a second time, since it's always better the first time around. I'm still going to buy it, though, and I will turn all the lights out and huddle into a blanket and let myself be horrified.

This is about a family consisting of a mother, a father, and five daughters who move into an old farm house that seems perfect. It's even by a lake! Aw, how dreamy. And then shit starts to go down. First of all, the dog. You know if there's a dog in a scary movie, it's going to get it. That's just the beginning of the nightmare.  I would be traumatized for life if some of these things happened to me. I would never sleep again!

This is based on a true story, but I read about what happened in reality, and it wasn't as bad as what happens in the movie, which is disappointing (not that I want bad things to happen to people...yeah...), but expected. It still makes for a gripping horror movie that any fan of the genre should see.

My grade: A