Insidious: Chapter 2

Stay away from her. I'm serious, run. 

*possible spoilers*

Yes, I finally saw this! You have no idea how excited I was about this movie. My expectations were low given the poor reviews I've seen, but that didn't dampen my spirits. And was I disappointed? No. Chapter 2 is different from the first. By that I mean the feel is different, which you can't really help. No one knew what the hell was going on in the first one. The family didn't know what exactly they were scared of or what was happening to their son. In this follow-up, which takes place immediately after the first, they're still reeling from all the horrors that happened, including the murder of Elise. Unfortunately, the horrors aren't over. The scares are also not quite the same. It doesn't work so well as a haunted house movie like the first one did, but those aren't the only scares to be had, luckily. The real scares come in the form of the backstory. That being said, the ghosts are more aggressive in this, and you just know they want to hurt everyone. Noooooo!

What I love about this movie is that it explains everything, which is risky indeed. Not everyone wants to know the whole backstory, but I found it intriguing and horrific, which it should be. It serves as both a prequel and a sequel, bringing in new, evil characters, and explaining some of the old ones.

Be warned that you might get confused, however. It does flit from past, present, and recent past. Personally, I had no trouble keeping track, but I can see how it would confuse some viewers. Just remember that it's explaining everything. Seriously, everything.

Not everyone is going to like this (and obviously they didn't), but I loved it. Even if you liked Insidious, you might not be as keen about this one. Still, it's worth watching. I guess my only worry is that it will reduce the chill factor of the first one, but hopefully it will have the reverse effect. My mom actually thinks this is better than the original. I'm undecided.

My grade: B+