Movie Review: Her

What a strange, thought-provoking, sad, funny movie. Not to mention one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Her is about a man, Theodore (played by the wonderful Joaquin Phoenix and his equally wonderful mustache), who falls in loves and starts dating his computer's operating system, Samantha. "She" talks, sounds, and behaves like a human, which is disconcerting to him at first, and raises a series of questions later on. She becomes his best friend and girlfriend, and, for awhile, it works for them. I suppose one of the sad things is that I can see how someone could become so attached to someone who isn't real, especially when that person is lonely. Theodore and his mustache need love, you know?

Scarlett Johansson voices Samantha. At first I was bit skeptical. I'd read how good she was in it, and that she could be nominated for an Oscar, which would be quite unique considering she doesn't physically appear in the film at all. I didn't think a voice could be that moving or effective, but...yeah, she nails it. Amy Adams is in this, too. You may already know that I'm not a fan, but I can take her in small doses. She was good as Theodore's longtime friend. Rooney Mara also appears as his ex-wife. 

One more thing. This film was much more sexual than I expected! Awkward phone/computer/whatever sex. Yup. 

My grade: B

10/15/14 Edit: I re-watched this the other night, and it's far less enjoyable the second time around. Disappointing!