Sherlock Season 3: The Empty Hearse

It's finally back!! It's been way too long, don't you think? It's been so long that I almost forgot about it. Well, in this season 3 opener, Sherlock returns (obviously), startling and further wounding a still-grieving Watson. Poor Watson. He really gets messed around with in this episode. On the plus side, Watson has found himself a nice (and intelligent) woman whom he wants to marry. Rejoice! On the downside, Sherlock must stop a terrorist attack in London, and Watson can't help but get caught up in it, despite wanting to steer clear of everything Sherlock-related.

As for how Sherlock survived that fall in the last episode, well, um...just watch. There are tons of theories, which I think the writers had a lot of fun with.

My one complaint (and this is probably just me) is that I found this episode a little confusing at times. There was some time-jumping involved, and it can be easy to lose the thread if you're not careful. Overall, though, this was a good, funny, entertaining premiere, and I can't wait for Sunday!!

My grade: B+