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Don't Find Another Love ~ Tegan and Sara

One of my favorite new songs from one of my favorite bands (although they didn't pen the song themselves, but who cares). Unfortunately, it's from the soundtrack to what looks like one of the most vomit-inducing movies to come along in awhile, Endless Love. Oh well. I'll probably never watch it unless someone bribes me, but I can still enjoy the music.

Sherlock Season 3: The Sign of Three and His Last Vow (season finale)

The Sign of Three is probably my favorite episode from season 3. John and Mary are getting married, and Sherlock is the best man, which means it's going to be crazy. It actually ends up being more than crazy, and everything is shown/told in a rather complex way. Sherlock likes to go back and forth in time when telling a story. It's both impressive and showy. Also, I want to say more about the plot, but when it comes to this show, I sometimes feel that saying much about it would be spoiling it. Better to simply watch!

My grade: A

His Last Vow actually got on my nerves at first. Like I said above, Sherlock likes to show off. A lot. It toys with the audience maybe a little too much, catapulting us back and forth (so much!) and hitting us with twists that don't entirely seem to fit, just to shock us. And my god, the way they conduct certain scenes is so fancy and convoluted! Just get on with it! It feels almost overly cocky. Everyone involved in this show knows it's a hit, …