Ernest and Celestine

This movie is adorable. French movies in general tend to attract me. I was hoping this wouldn't be solely geared towards children, but I didn't have anything to worry about. I think adults will enjoy this, maybe even more-so. Or perhaps that's just me.

Ernest is a bear. Bears live above ground and are feared by mice. Mice live below, spending their lives striving to collect bear teeth (don't worry, they don't do this by violent means) in order to replace their front teeth with them, since bears have such strong teeth. They think it gives them an advantage, which I suppose it  does, if you have to gnaw through a lot of rope on a daily basis. Of course collecting teeth is a dangerous thing to do, but the expectations are high. Celestine is a mouse, and probably the only mouse who doesn't think bears are evil (that belief leaves her rather ostracized). She's only managed to nab one bear tooth, sadly, so she gets kicked out of the cute underground mouse utopia and is told not to come back until she's gathered 50 bear teeth.

Ernest is a starving bear, and he'll eat just about anything at this point. It doesn't help that the police are always around to keep an eye on him. Luckily, he and Celestine meet by chance and help each other out, becoming fugitives in the process. *sigh* I do love this movie. You need to watch it.

My grade: A