Death Comes to Pemberley

As a Jane Austen fan who has read almost all of her books, I should have been looking forward to this more. I should also have read the book by P.D. James, but...yeah, it was never something I cared much about. There are so many Jane Austen what-ifs, prequels, and sequels floating around, and most of them don't end up on my radar. Also, a lot of them are porny. Not that I'm complaining.

I'm willing to give this two-parter a chance, even though episode one left me with a feeling of nothingness. So here are its downfalls so far:

(1) Good actors who are miscast. Darcy lacks pretty much everything Colin Firth's Darcy had. For shame! And I like Anna Maxwell Martin, but I don't think she's a Lizzie Bennett.

(2) Too dark. Humor and wit, asap!

(3) Maybe Matthew Goode should have been Darcy, hmm? At least he's more interesting.

(4) How can they kill Denny?! He was one of the nicest characters. :'(

(5) They'd better feature the rest of the Bennett sisters, or Imma gonna be mad.

(6) When did Colonel Fitzwilliam turn into a prick? Like Denny, he was one of the nicer characters. So pleasant, so agreeable...

Here's hoping the conclusion is more rewarding.

My grade: C+