Gone Girl

*Possible Spoilers*

At this point, I'm pretty sure most people have read or seen Gone Girl, but it's one of those things you don't want to spoil for others. Since I hadn't read the book, my main interest in seeing the movie was finding out what the big twist is. Did it surprise me? Not at all. I think a lot of people must have seen it coming, at least in the movie. Despite that, it's a good "surprise", and it shakes things up nicely and makes this more than just a murder mystery.

Ben Affleck, soon-to-be-known only as Batfleck, is effective as the suspicious husband whose pretty wife goes missing under mysterious circumstances. And he looks guilty, very guilty. Batfleck is good at playing someone who can't act, and I do mean that as a compliment. He doesn't appear as crushed as a distraught husband should, and he has things to hide. Naturally he becomes not only the prime suspect, but the only suspect.

Rosamund Pike is excellent in her role. I don't feel that I can say much more than that, to be honest. Just watch! There's also an impressive supporting cast, including Neil Patrick Harris as an obsessed ex, and Tyler Perry as Batfleck's lawyer. If I ever get into trouble, I want him to be my lawyer, minus the $100,000 retainer.

What I really enjoy about this movie, aside from the acting, directing, etc., is the little doses of humor injected into it. I love a movie that doesn't take every moment too seriously. My only gripe is the ending, since I was hoping for something less infuriating, but it's also a weird, oddly appropriate ending, when you come down to it.

My grade: A