Inspector Lewis Season 7: Entry Wounds

*Possible Spoilers*

Inspector Lewis is back! I almost forgot it existed. Also, doesn't it feel like it's season 20? As excited as I was/am for this new season, this season opener didn't exactly set me on fire (there's a pun in there). The dynamics have changed, and perhaps that has something to do with it. As you might recall (took me a good minute to remember), Lewis retired last season and finally shacked up with Laura. Fast forward to now, and he's bored at home, attempting to make a canoe.

Hathaway took a gap year and apparently spent it walking to some cathedral in Spain, since they're incapable of going one episode without reminding us of his religious background and the dilemma he always seems to be facing. He is now a detective inspector, and he's just acquired his first murder case. He's not entirely sure how to handle it, either, so of course Lewis ends up getting back in the game and offering his help. Hathaway also has a new partner (she's pretty). Unfortunately, the chemistry that is normally there just...isn't. Hathaway is blander than usual, and he's always been on the quiet side. So far, he just doesn't gel as an inspector. I usually like Hathaway, too, but they either need to write him better or make him the sidekick again. Now! He also needs to grow his hair longer. Ahem. What, me picky? Never!

Now onto the basic plot: a brain surgeon is shot to death in the woods. Throw in arson, a second murder, and a brain-damaged young man, and you've got a mystery. More importantly, however, you have the brain surgeon's young wife who never stops exercising and when she does exercise, she still looks good. And when she's not exercising, she's thinking about exercising and is always dressed for exercising. This greatly disturbs me. Maybe it's because I've been too injured/sick lately to exercise much, not to mention the small fact that I'm lazier than a corpse, but girl needs to calm down and, you know, watch a movie or something. I know her older husband just kicked the bucket in a violent way, but jogging, biking, and swimming 24/7 just uses up all your heartbeats much faster. She should do what I do and not exercise all the time, but watch movies and read books. She should also imitate me by looking like a killer tomato anytime she does anything remotely physical. It's not fair!

Here's to hoping the rest of the season meets my picky needs.

My grade: B