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So I made the mistake of watching this recently. Fury is one of those unfortunate movies in which I hate all the characters. Sure, I started out liking Norman, but in the end everyone was unlikable, especially that guy who played Shane in The Walking Dead. Pretty sure I'm incapable of liking him in anything, even if his character wasn't horrible.

Fury takes place near the end of WWII. As you may expect, there's some violence, which isn't really something I often take issue with. My problem is can I root for any of these people? Most of them are horrid and I couldn't wait for them to die. And the ending...the ending. I mean come on, Brad Pitt, that was stupid. I was uncomfortable throughout this film, and for all the wrong reasons. I wasn't worried about what would happen to the main characters, I was worried what they would do. Bad!

My grade: C

The Babadook

After pining over this for weeks, I finally got down to watching it a few days ago. I was, in fact, so excited about watching it that I had a game plan. It had to be perfect! I planned it almost like a first date, except that I've never planned a first date, but that's besides the point.

The Babadook is about a widowed mother whose son believes that a monster is coming to get them. He's so certain of this that he starts building his own weapons and telling everyone about the monster. His mother is going crazy with stress and can't handle her screaming, paranoid child very well. Then her son asks her to read him a book called The Babadook, which turns out to be a little too creepy, so she hides it...but it ends up reappearing elsewhere, and with new pages added depicting some violent murders. Even worse, her son turns out to be right, as much as she tries to deny it. The Babadook is coming!

To be frank, I was a bit disappointed. It's a scary film, but didn't qu…