Becoming a Netflix Addict

It took me long enough, but I recently decided to take advantage of my brother's Netflix subscription by streaming it online. That just shows you how far and wide my procrastination goes. Because it's just too difficult to sign in, I mean Jesus.


Naturally, I am now watching everything, and they recently put all ten seasons of Friends on there. Goodbye productivity! I'm watching that whole series from start to finish, and no one can stop me! The fact that I watched every episode when it was on (oh, childhood) doesn't matter. Of course I'm also taking this opportunity to watch other shows that I never got to (or never heard of). The Tudors is a good example. It was on my radar for awhile when it was on, but then it dropped off. Now I've zipped through the first season and into the second. My only complaint so far is that the divorce storyline is dragging on. Just do it already! I'm excited about the cast, though. So many familiar faces (Jeremy Northam!). I had a minor crush on him when he played Mr. Knightly.


I also stumbled upon Borgias while a friend was watching it. No, not the Jeremy Irons one; the silly yet compelling version where the Pope has an American accent. I almost decided to never watch it again after seeing one episode, since the violence was incredibly horrific. But there was also a fun factor to that. I came to expect the gory torture and vile deaths. It almost turned into a game. There was also the fact that nobody aged. Ever! They died, but anyone can die.To not age is special, however. Oh, and the "French disease", a.k.a. syphilis. Imagine being known for that...

Obviously, I have to watch the Jeremy Irons version now. I expect it will be higher quality and altogether less silly, which might take some of the joy out of it. But I can accept this minor flaw.

The Killing

Another series I started was The Killing. I remember when it was all the rage a few years back. I also remember how disappointed people were at the end of season one. So my expectations were low. I found it just interesting enough to watch, since, like everyone else, I wanted to know who killed Rosie Larsen, but there's something irritating about this show. The female lead was hard to like, for one, and it's good to note that if someone is a suspect early on, they didn't do it. That's typical of any crime series, though, but when they put so much effort into pointing the finger at someone, and then it comes to nothing, I get annoyed. They only reveal who did it in the last episode, usually, which is how it should be. The Killing decided to do their own thing, and I can see why it pissed some people off. My feeling was: I watched the whole first season, and by the end of it, it felt moot. I watched it for nothing! And then I had to start season two, otherwise season one was truly a waste of time. And season two isn't as interesting as the first, especially when you already feel cheated. Perhaps I'll finish it later on, but right now I'm sick of it.