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The World's End (and Letchworth Garden City)

Fact: this was on my to-watch list before it even finished filming. Unsurprisingly, I only got around to watching it recently. The Grand Procrastinator strikes again! But I do have one legitimate reason for putting it off for so long: it's personal.

World's End was partially filmed in Letchworth Garden City. When I first visited there, they had already started filming. And when I ended up living there for 3 months, they were still filming, but production was almost over. I'd wanted to be able to see it in Broadway Cinema, the movie theater in Letchworth, but I was long gone by that time, and I was dreadfully missing it. In the months after I left, I couldn't bring myself to watch it in case it made me emotional. Emotions are stupid, I know. Go away!

After awhile, I magically forgot that this movie existed, and by the time I remembered it, I was no longer in danger of feeling anything that could be described as 'emotional.' As someone who enjoyed Shaun of the De…

You're Gorgeous by Babybird

Happy March! Have some Babybird. You know how much I love weird/unconventional/provocative songs!