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Review: Housebound

Once in a blue moon, Netflix recommends a horror movie to me (based on what I've previously watched, which isn't always a good thing) that's actually decent. There are countless bad movies on there, and all you have to do is check out the user rating to get an idea. Or look at the cover and title. That's usually all you need. Surprisingly, Housebound has a rather high rating, despite the somewhat basic plot, and I decided to give it a go:

Kylie is sentenced to eight months of house arrest after robbing an ATM. You'd think that'd be a relief considering, you know, jail sucks, but she doesn't like her mother or stepfather, and the house is possibly haunted. Personally, that sounds like a dream come true to me, but we can't all like creepy houses.

This isn't terrifying, but it has its moments. More importantly, it's funny. Not uproariously funny, but it provides some chuckles, and it doesn't go about it in a cheesy way, and it doesn't try …