The Visit

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this movie. As excited I was to see this, it still managed to exceed my expectations. M. Night Shyamalan, are you really back to form? Because you need to keep making movies like this, I'm serious.

The Visit is about two exceptionally nice kids who decide to visit their estranged grandparents so that their single mom can have some alone time with her new boyfriend. You mean they're not angsty and trying to sabotage her happiness? I don't believe you! Nonetheless, that's the case. Their mom doesn't even want them to go, it's just unfathomable. If I ever pop out little minions, they need to be like this.

Unfortunately for the kids, things don't go quite as planned, because their grandparents are beyond weird. They're only staying for a week, but things escalate quickly. It's both creepy as hell and hilarious. I adore this movie! All scary films should use humor in combination with scares; it's the perfect mixture. Naturally, there's a classic Shyamalan twist involved. Those always make me nervous. Remember The Village? Yeah, that's why I was nervous. I'm happy to report that The Visit's twist only added to its amazingness, though.

On top of all that goodness, the kids aren't even annoying. They're likable and able to carry this film. The boy, Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) is especially funny.

Well, now I've gone and built this movie up, which means you'll have impossibly high expectations. Oops. Forget everything I said! This movie sucks, should still go see it this very minute. What better way to anticipate Halloween?

My Grade: A+