Hinterland Season 1

Angst personified

Oh look, a gloomy detective series set in Wales. I'll take it!

Most detective shows follow a formula, and Hinterland is no exception. Unfortunately, it's not a good formula, not when it's this overused. DCI Tom Mathias is described as "troubled." How unexpected! The go-to issue in these cases are: alcoholism coupled with a murdered wife/child. They don't get into his past right away, but it doesn't take long before you know he has children (I assume they're alive) and an ex, and that he sometimes drinks in his lonely trailer. He also never smiles. Ever. Tom is a serious man, and he's got his unresolved issues just like all detectives do. Oh yes, and he jogs a lot, typically at the beginning and end of episodes.

Don't let my negativity fool you, though; I like it. It's a decent show with a beautiful, atmospheric setting. It's not going to make you laugh, which is a shame, but it does provide some gritty murders and interesting plots. Still, it's lacking in something, and I haven't been able to put my finger on it just yet. More character development? I haven't found myself emotionally invested in anyone so far, and after watching all four episodes of season one, which each boast a 90-minute run, I still don't know enough about anyone to genuinely like or hate them.

Maybe season two will provide more background and improve all around. I'll find out once I manage to catch up on it. Until then...Red Dwarf is getting re-watched. It's been my go-to show all week. It's one of my childhood favorites, and the nostalgia is strong with that one.

My grade: B