The Conjuring 2 (with a dash of Annabelle)

I've been excited about seeing this since the first Conjuring film came out, at which point Vera Farmiga said she's be willing to do a series of these wonderful, scary, creepy films. And that's what's happening! I'm a happy woman.

Unlike Annabelle, which was disappointing, I wasn't too worried about The Conjuring 2 letting me down. For starters, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are in it. Annabelle, while not a bad film, didn't produce the scares, nor were the story or characters quite as involving. And seriously, the only black character in the movie died. Who didn't see that coming?!

But The Conjuring 2 lived up to my expectations. Set in London, a young girl, Janet, is being haunted by a malevolent old man who died in the house. I won't get in to any spoilers, but there's obviously more than meets the eye. But what does meet the eye is pretty terrifying. If you're me, anyway. What I like most, aside from the creepy factor, is that it's another story about a rather large family being terrorized, not just one character. You get to meet each sibling, the struggling mother, and even the helpful neighbors. And while Janet is the main target, everyone experiences the horror.

There are other interesting characters, such as Anita Gregory (Franka Potente from Run, Lola, Run, and the Bourne series), a skeptic who never believes that Janet is either haunted nor possessed. And let's not forget the nun. I'm sure loads of people with nun phobias will love this movie. Wait, is there such a thing as a nun phobia? There has to be.

Bottom line, watch this, even if you hate being scared, and enjoy the nightmares that hit you afterwards. You're welcome!

My grade: A