Ah, nothing like living in the desert. France? Meh. I want me some desert. 

I have a confession to make: the main reason I watched this was because of silly, vapid celebrity gossip. For shame! But to sum it up: Diane Kruger (supposedly) cheated on cutie pie Joshua Jackson with her Sky costar, Norman Reedus. Gross. Reedus was kinda hot in Boondock Saints, and he was my favorite character in The Walking Dead before I stopped watching a few years ago. But honestly, I want him to get a haircut and shower, because he perpetually looks unwashed, and that's not sexy.

Okay, so that's just gossip, but when Sky popped up on Netflix recently, I decided to give it a go and see if the movie was worth cheating on Pacey for. I mean Joshua Jackson...

Short answer: No. God no.

Diane Kruger is Romy, an unhappy French woman on vacation in California with her troublesome, sometimes abusive husband. When things get out of hand, she flees and decides to stay in America and go exploring. She also goes the Vegas stripper bunny route, or maybe it's just the bunny-that-looks-like-a-stripper route. I don't even know. Anyway, while she's dressed as a hot bunny, she meets Diego (Reedus), who mistakes her for a prostitute and wants to bang her. Naturally, she falls deeply in love with him, because who doesn't love a man who "only has sex with hookers?" I know I do.

For some ungodly reason, she can't get let him go and basically stalks him, and before you know it, they're living together. Well, she's living with him; he's under the impression that she's leaving soon. Apparently he hasn't gotten the hint yet. So he finally gets fed up and kicks her out, and she goes on waitressing and being pregnant. Oh, did I forget to mention he knocks her up? Of course he does. They always do. THEY ALWAYS DO. On top of that, Diego is sick, and that's the real reason he doesn't want to get too close to anyone or experience true love with Romy. That's deep, man.

You can guess how this ends.

My one burning question throughout all of this was: how is she legally living in the US? She came on a travel visa, right? And she obviously stayed way longer (years...years). It's never addressed, as far I could tell, and perhaps it's a silly thing to be contemplating, but I would love to know how I, too, can go on vacation and never leave, and also never get deported. I always wanted to try that.

Bottom line: I would have stayed with Pacey and left Norman well alone. There wasn't even enough chemistry to warrant thinking about breaking Pacey's heart. Bad Diane Kruger!

My grade: D