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Based on the novel by Sarah Waters, Fingersmith follows Sue Trinder, a thief, as she and Richard Rivers, aka Gentleman, attempt to con the wealthy heiress Maud Lilly of her vast fortune, which she will only inherit once she is married. Promised a nice chunk of her fortune, Sue is convinced by Gentleman to become Maud's maid in order to nudge her closer to him and persuade her to marry him. However, once they are married, the plan is to throw poor Maud into the insane asylum so that Richard will have control of her fortune. The hitch? Sue falls in love with Maud.

I was surprised by how good this was! Although I had no right to be surprised. Tipping the Velvet, another Sarah Waters adaptation, was also a great series. The casting in this is perfect, and it even managed to surprise me with a big twist. So, uh, don't read up on this series too much if you can help it. Best to not spoil it before you watch it.

My grade: A

No Doubt: Push and Shove