Quick Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Yes, it has been awhile since I wrote a review, and it's been so long that, naturally, there are movies I've seen that I won't be reviewing, e.g. Silver Linings Playbook, which I saw way back in December when it was still playing in the UK. Although, for the record, I would give it a B+. Also, Jennifer Lawrence is hot, and I'm not a Bradley Cooper fan (disliked him since Alias), but I actually didn't hate him in it.

But we're talking about Wreck-It Ralph, which came out in the UK recently. I had wanted to see it when it was playing in North America, but I didn't get to. I finally got my chance last week. To be honest, it was a disappointment. Not a terrible movie by any means, but it was a let down in that it was formulaic, and my god, that little girl was annoying! Sarah Silverman can be grating as it is, although I sometimes find her funny. She has the kind of voice that fits that of an overly bratty, annoying child, so I suppose the casting was perfect. Still, I hated that kid so much at times that I actually wished I had stayed home. I even contemplated walking out after finding the film to be less than enthralling, but I stayed and watched the whole thing. It improved, sure, and I liked some of the characters (Jane Lynch's is one of the best, I would say), but overall it was just average.

My grade: B-