Inspector Lewis: Wild Justice

You know, I was excited last night. Why? Because, after weeks of no Inspector Lewis, they were finally airing two new episodes back to back! Yay! PBS has been a bit backed up, what with all of their pledge programming and favorites. There are four new episodes in total, and two, I believe, were supposed to air in September. Only one did. Naturally, I was looking forward to the 9-midnight Lewis-athon.

And you know what ticked me off? They didn't play two new episodes back to back. They repeated the first one and then played a new one. So I had to wait until 10:30 to get my fix. Because of course everyone wants to re-watch the first one, right? Wrong! Mamma not happy!

But we did get one new episode, so I'll be content with that. They should be playing the other two next week, since a new series is supposed to start soon.

This one is called "Wild Justice". Lewis and Hathaway are investigating the death of a female Bishop. She flew across the pond from the USA for a gathering of, um...religious people. Monks, priests, and such. And one of them totally killed her!

The characters and the murders are interesting, and there are a handful of murders to be had. You don't have to wait long for another body to show up, which is a plus.

Now for the cons. This is just one instance in which Hathaway's past is brought up. By past, I mean the fact that he was going to be a priest and gave it up. But he's still questioning his decision. So, once again, they give the story a religious background and make sure to point out Hathaway's love of God and his pull to the Cloth. *Sigh* Why does this bother me? Because, like I said, they do this...often. How long is he going to grapple with Priesthood?

Another downside is that the motivation for the killings became obvious at a certain point, yet our detectives didn't see it. I thought they did, to be honest, but then Lewis has an epiphany and shouts out what most of the audience probably already knew. The killer was a mystery, however, although not wholly surprising.

It was decent, but could have been better. This is still a favorite show of mine, though.

My grade: B