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Insidious: Chapter 3

This was supposed to be included in a giant post about horror movies I've recently watched, but I've been so damn lazy about it that I decided at least one of them should get out there sooner rather than later. The rest will be making an appearance soon, I swear (crosses fingers)!

If you don't know me or haven't read my previous posts, then I'm going to tell you now: I love Insidious. All of them. Even this one. It's rare for every movie to be a hit with me, but I can honestly say that I've enjoyed every single Insidious movie so far. If I had to choose, I'd probably say the first one is and likely always will be my favorite. The second one, which received terrible reviews, was surprisingly good, too. Even my brother, who finally got around to watching the first two recently, commented that he thought they were equally good, and that's huge praise from him. I'm not saying the majority of people will agree, but horror fans should watch these films at least once.

Chapter 3 is a prequel, and while the Lambert family isn't in here, they make the obvious connection and strongly hint at the first two movies. On top of that, Elise is heavily featured, and she deserves it. I love Lin Shaye! We also get more background on her life and how Specs and Tucker get into business with her. The movie isn't really about that, though, it simply intertwines Elise's sad life with that of Quinn's, a teenager who wants to contact her dead mother, but ends up inviting something wicked into her room instead. Side note: Stefanie Scott, the actress who plays Quinn, is an interesting cross between Selena Gomez and Emily Van Camp (whom I lurv).

The thing that surprised me the most is just how scary this actually was. Having said that, I jump fairly easily. But my god, that Skype scene...I certainly lost a good amount of sleep after seeing this. I also want to point out that you don't have to be original to be effective. Originality is much appreciated, of course, but that doesn't mean you can't spin some scary shit out of tried and true methods, which they do.

I should also note that poor Quinn got beat up so much that it almost became funny. Drinking game, anyone?

Overall, this is definitely worth watching. It has its overly cheesy and/or predictable moments, but they're easily forgiven.

My grade: B+


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