Short Movie Review: Beaches

It took me awhile to get to this, and I wasn't thrilled about watching it since I knew it was a sappy tear-jerker. But I made myself. I'll give a quick rundown. I think I overtaxed myself on "Driving Lessons".

This isn't bad like I thought it would be, although it still isn't my cup of coca cola. I like Bette Midler, and she plays a narcissistic diva well. However, I don't like Barbara Hershey. In fact, I never have. I don't think she's a good actress. She might be barely passable at times, but so far that's the best I can say about her acting (you may have noticed her terrible acting in "Insidious"). Her character isn't that great, either, but she isn't meant to be, so this qualifies as one of Hershey's "barely passable" acting jobs. She's not really good, but her character sucks, so it's not that depressing. I would have appreciated seeing this role filled by a better actress, though.

My favorite segment was when they were kids and met for the first time. I didn't realize until I watched the special features that Mayim Bialik played the young C.C. You know, the actress from "Blossom" and Amy on "The Big Bang Theory". Out of everyone, she had the most energy and is one of the most entertaining to watch actresses in this, aside from Bette Midler. She made a convincing younger version. So yay! for Bette and Mayim!

It did turn out to be sappy. It's not a movie I might watch again, but it's worth at least one go.

My grade: B