Movie Review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

There are two types of movies I like to see in the theatre: comedy and action. And do you know, this has both? Yay! I couldn't resist seeing the latest Mission Impossible. Not only is it action-packed, it's also humorous. And Simon Pegg is in it, which is never a bad thing. I also like watching Tom Cruise in movies. Like I said before, he's not my favorite person/actor, but gosh he is entertaining. And he makes a good action star. The dude knows how to do stunts.

I don't think I've actually seen all of the MI movies, but I know I saw at least one of them...just can't remember which one. Well, as far as I can tell, it doesn't matter if I'm up to date on the franchise. The movie was easy enough to follow, and I assume a few of the characters are new...or maybe I'm wrong.

We begin with Cruise's character, Ethan, being broken out of a Russian prison, an elaborate and kinda violent ordeal. No one is entirely sure how he ended up in there, and he doesn't say until much later.

The movie is filled with action from start to finish. For the most part I can't complain about any particular aspect, but there were a few moments that were a bit too gooey for my taste. Only natural, I suppose. Don't most movies have those moments? Some of the action was a bit unoriginal, too, and by that I mean you might see a similar scene in another action movie. But I'll forgive it this time.

Love the cast all around. The addition of Jeremy Renner is pleasing. There's something likable about that man, and he's watchable. And like I said, Simon Pegg. :D

My grade: B+