Downton Abbey: Season 2- Episode 5


We're really getting down to it now. There are only two episodes left after this. Excited? Personally, I have lukewarm feelings about it.

The biggest shocker was the so-called return of Patrick Crawley, the supposedly dead Crawley heir who died on the Titanic six years previous. Now he's a Canadian soldier with severe burns to his face, which conveniently make him difficult if not impossible to identify. He also claims to have had amnesia until recently. Yeah, I don't believe it, either, but Edith, the typical middle child, does. It doesn't help that he seems to desperately want that inheritance. He also has crazy eyes, and lord, he's terribly annoying! I don't know what they plan to do with that character. Hopefully they'll reveal him to be a fraud (that's certainly what it looks like) and that'll be that.

I have to say, they haven't had good storylines for Edith this season. They always give her crappy stories. I mean really, how fast did they abandon that little "affair" she had in episode 1? It's already forgotten and there were no consequences from it. Do the writers care about this character? Now she's pining after an unlikable crazy guy who insists he's her dead cousin. She's not my favorite character, not by far, but she deserves better.

Less exciting is the news that Mary and Sir Richard want to steal Carson away for their own cozy home. I have it in my head that the only reason he's willing to leave Downton is to make sure nothing bad happens to Mary, but they never say why he's willing. If I were him, I'd stay put.

There's also that new maid. I got the feeling last time that they were going to develop some storyline between her and Lord Grantham. The writers seem to be hinting at an affair, or in the very least a mutual attraction. I find the whole thing a bit ridiculous, but I suppose it'd be interesting to see.

In other amazing happenings, Matthew is going to regain use of his legs. Shocker. And Bates' evil wife was offed at the end. I doubt he did it, but you just know he's going to be the primary suspect. My serious (and I do mean serious) hope is that O'Brien is the killer. That would be...I can't even type the right word for it. Fantastico? Brilliante? She'd redeem herself and finally have a good story this season.

Next episode: the Spanish Flu hits Downton! Cora gets some of that, yay! Let's face it, she won't die, but I can at least enjoy her suffering. From what I understand, Carson and Lavinia get it as well. I don't care about Lavinia, but Carson better not die!

One more thing: Daisy, take the effing widow's pension! That was William's parting gift to you, you dumb, self-righteous girl! Take it. Now.

Episode grade: B-