Random Review of the Day -Just Go With It

I'll be upfront and say that I don't like Adam Sandler. Alright, so I liked him in The Wedding Singer and maybe another film or two, and perhaps SNL (I can't remember), but nowadays I find him unappealing and irking.

But that didn't stop me from seeing this. I didn't intend to see it (ever) but it's a comedy and I was in the mood for a laugh. I took my dad with me, who knows almost nothing about movies and what they're about. He was game for anything.

Just Go With It got bad reviews, but it succeeded in its aim, which was to be silly and cause a few laughs. It's stupid, fairly predictable, unrealistic, and Adam Sandler never manages to come off as a hottie who both Jennifer Aniston and that blonde chick would want, but I'll let it pass. Somewhat. Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews show up as a married couple who compete with Jennifer Aniston (jeez, I can't even remember her character's name!) and Adam Sandler's (or his, wtf?) "married couple". They pretend to be married, which is one of the ridiculous aspects of this movie, but movies like this always have unbelievable elements.

Still, it was funny enough to not be bad. In fact I quite enjoyed it. So did my dad. Hmm. But I have to thank Jennifer Aniston for making this movie any good. She is one of the only redeeming features. She saved this film. I'm not a huge fan of hers, but I liked her in this. I also liked the sidekick who pretends to be a German sheep...person (?) He was silly, but he made me giggle.

My grade -B