TV Review: Rising Damp

I should have gotten this one out a few weeks ago, since it's been that long since I finished it. This is a Britcom classic that I hadn't heard about until my mom picked it up in the library, all four seasons and a movie.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Everything is hit and miss, and this one turned out to be a hit.

It's about a cranky, racist, bigoted landlord (Leonard Rossiter) and his various tenants, an African man who is the son of a chief, Phillip (Don Warrington), his roomie, Alan (Richard Beckinsale), and a supposedly ladylike woman whom the landlord has his pervy eye on, Miss Jones (Frances de la Tour). And his cat.

Every season is good, although the first two were better because Alan was in both. Sadly, the actor who played Alan, Richard Beckinsale (Kate Beckinsale's dad), died in 1979 from a heart attack at age thirty-one. It was a bit sad after that, but still funny.

The movie, however, is a total disappointment. I was surprised at that. It won awards! It was supposed to be funny. As it happened, it was just a longer, unfunny version of previous episodes. The writers must not have had to work hard, since they recycled scenes from past episodes word-for-word. I'm not going to grade the movie, though, because I couldn't finish it. It was just so boring and disappointing.

My grade (for the show): A