Movie Review -Easy A

I was hoping this one would turn out good. I was expecting it to make me laugh and to like Emma Stone, since that's basically what I was promised. But occasionally these critically acclaimed comedies are not as good as the critics or even the general audience say. Not for me, that is. After all, it's just someone's opinion. Knocked Up didn't work for me as a whole. Neither did Superbad, although it definitely had some winning, laugh-out-loud moments. Personally, I liked Pineapple Express way more.

So, I was looking forward to watching this, but wary.

Fortunatley, it didn't disappoint. Actually, it was funny, and Emma Stone is likable and perfectly cast, and the movie worked for me. Stanley Tucci, another favorite actor of mine, and Patricia Clarkson play some of the coolest parents I have ever seen. The ending when Olive is doing her webcam in front of the whole school is a bit contrived and movie-landish, but so is a group of creepy high schoolers listening to her have fake-sex at a party. At least I hope that's movie-landish.

Overall, this one is a winner. It's funny and with a good cast and some goofiness.

My grade -A


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