Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon

I knew that this movie got good reviews before I watched it. Therefore, I was wary, but also expecting it to be at least average. Other than its reputation, I only knew that it had to do with..taming dragons? Or something like that.

As it turns out, How To Train Your Dragon was not at all disappointing. It was actually pretty cute (I hate using that word to describe films, but oh well), funny, and likable. And I loved the dragon. He's adorable! Awwwwww. And he looks like an alien.

I find it funny how inconsistent some these animated movies are, though, at least in certain aspects. Everyone in this is a Viking. They speak with thick Scottish accents that go along so well with their healthy, braided beards. That is, everyone except...all the kids and teens. Could they not find actors who can put on a good accent? Or is it because this is a movie targeted at kids, and kids might understand an American accent better? Well it's not a big deal, but still...

It's a good, well-told story with your basic formula. The actions sequences are entertaining, the animation is great, and the dragons are fun/scary. And it reminded me a lot of The Hobbit and a little of Return of the King in certain scenes. Flashbacks of Bilbo Baggins and the dragon in the animated movie came to mind. If you've ever seen the animated Lord of the Rings series, you'll probably know what I'm talking about. Speaking of which, I am so looking forward to The Hobbit in December 2012!

Off topic, I know.

My Grade: A


  1. I've been reading some pretty great reviews on this movie so I definitely think I'll have to check it out, thanks! Good thing I just started subscribing and working with DISH Network because (like all new customers) I got Blockbuster by mail free for three months, so I'll definitely be adding this one to my queue. It really sounds like a good adventure that me and my daughter will love! :)


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